Appium For Windows

1. Steps to Install Appium on Windows
2. Configuration of Apk file into your Android Real Device
3. Connecting Android Devices via Wifi and Running Appium Script
4. Appium – Parallel Execution (Grid) on Android Real Devices
5. Appium – Parallel Execution (Grid) on Mobile Web / Chrome
6. Android Mobile Web Automation with Appium








4 thoughts on “Appium For Windows

  1. I am unable to launch Safari Launcher with latest appium version 1.5.3 .While building safariLauncher app ,i gave bundle id as com.imom.TestingApplication ,but when appium session is running ,it is considering other bundle id com.byrsieterac.SafariLauncher .
    Please help me ,how to resolve this problem.
    I am able to launch safariLauncher with Appium 1.4.13 version ,But this appium doesnt support for parallel execution
    .Any has any idea ?


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